Episode Title Guest Name and Organization Topics Online Resources
Pilot Ernie Powell, AARP
Prescott Cole, CANHR
Dr. Carol Estes
RSVP Seniors
LBFE Video
Soc Security and Medicare Part D
Paying for Nursing Homes
Gray Panthers
Young People getting involved with seniors
RSVP San Francisco
Episode 1 Dr. Elizabeth Edgerly, ALZ Assoc
Dr. Marcy Adleman, Openhouse
Mary Twomey, IOA
New Leaf Video, contact: Joe Neisen
Maintain Your Brain
LGBT Senior Housing
Elder Abuse
Needs of LGBT Seniors
ALZ Association
LGBT Senior Housing
Episode 2 Erica Arteseros, SFFD, NERT Program
Phyllis and John Cardozo
Dr. Rafeal Gonzalez-Amezcua, On Lok
Pedro Oredenes
Disaster Preparedness
Senior Peer Counseling
Taking control of your health
World Record Swimmer
Episode 3 Debbie Hoffman Producer
Roy Ernest Producer
Erin Hudson Producer
Film: Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter
Film: Surfing for Life
Film: Afloat
Episode 4 Nicholas DeLorenzo, NCOA
Jim Emerman, Civic Ventures
David Grant, Senior Action Network
Senior re-training for work program
Purpose Prize
Civic Ventures
Senior Action Network
Episode 5 Jose Morales,Senior Action Network
Bruce Bronzon, Network of Care
Planning for Elders
Senior Action Network
New Comprehensive Resource for SF Seniors
SF program to educated elderly
Network of Care
Episode 6 Zak Douf
Jeff Chaplin
Brent Nettle
Memories in the Making
SF Foundation Winning Artist
Elders and Youth in the Arts
Senior Artists; Art in Nursing Homes
Seniors with Alzheimer's creating art
Episode 7 Esther Scheele
Self Help for Elderly
Conservatorships and jokes
Chinese immigrant workers program
Self Help Elderly
Episode 8 Mary Furlong
David Hauklotubbe
Sarah Lum and Vera Whelan
Baby Boomer Venture Summitt
Successful Aging Toda
Legacy Corps Volunteers
Boomer Venture Summit
Episode 9 Fernando Gil Torres
Brooke Hollister
Sunrise Residents: What is the Silver Lining?
Sunrise Senior Living
Episode 10 Dr. Bruce Miller, UCSF
Nan Heflin

Peter and Jude Hebert
Fronto Temporal Dementia
Alzheimers Association Support Group Leader
A couple's journey with Alzheimers
Episode 11 Jim Emerman, Civic Venture
Bernard Flynn, River Partner
Sandy Close, New American Media
Purpose Prize Winners--Bay Area
Civic Ventures, The Purpose Prize
Episode 12 Donna Robbins, Ultimate Moves
Vicky Paul, Aunt Ann's
Senior Housing Options
What you need to know when hiring home care
Ultimate Moves
Aunt Ann's Home Care
Episode 13 Paul Rodgers, Pilot
Bert Yetman, Pilot
Age 60 Rule
Pilot Age 60 Rule - FAA
Episode 14 Kyle Ezell, Author of "Retire Downtown"

Donna Robbins, Ultimate Moves

Frank Nolan, Vanguard Properties
Trends in Senior Housing: Senior Cohousing, Moving back to cities
Downsizing without a breakdown? Other trends with Donna.
Active Adult 55+ Communities and Frank Norris Place
Kyle Ezell's geturban.com

Episode 15 Mikayla Connell, President of SF Pride Committee
Moli Steinert, Openhouse
LGBT Seniors and Gay Pride
Issues facing LGBT seniors
Episode 16 Sunrise at Golden Gate Park Residents
Fireside Chat on local, state, and national politics
Episode 17 Louise Renne, former City Attorney
Ingrid Evans, Renne Sloan Holtzman
Jenefer Duane, Elder Financial Protection Network
Sakai Annuity Scams

Protecting yourself from financial abuse
Episode 18 Jennie Chin Hanse, President Elect for AARP
Dr. Moira Fordyce, Stanford Medical School
Shirley Krohn, California Senior Legislature (member)
Divided We Fail Campaign
Geriatric Loan Forgiveness Program
Geriatric Loan Forgiveness Program
Divided We Fail Campaign
Episods 19 Armistead Maupin, author of Tales of the City and Michael Tolliver Lives
His latest novel, Michael Tolliver Lives
Issues facing his aging characters
Armistead Maupin.com